Rose Gold - 1 in Cast Tri-Glide Slide

This pinkish gold finish popularized as "rose gold" is the latest trend in metal finishes and is sure to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Tri Glide Slides (aka triglide buckles or just "slides") are most often used as a way to quickle adjust the length of a strap. Material is stitched to the center bar, threaded through the opening of a quick-release buckle, then threaded in, up, over, and out of the slide before being permenantly stitched to the other end of the buckle, allowing for the collar to be securely adjusted by feeding material through the slide.

Slides also get called "buckles" because they so effectively crimp material in place that for non-load bearing applications, these slides can used alone as fasteners.

Measurements for this rose gold slide:
width: 1"
height: .75"
opening measures: 1" x 1/4"

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Rose Gold - 1 in Cast Tri-Glide Slide
Rose Gold - 1 in Cast Tri-Glide Slide
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