7 Reasons to Use a Lanyard for Keys & ID

1. Easy to Find Keys - when used as a keyring, lanyards make your keys highly visible. The length of fabric, especially bright colored fabric, can help you locate a lost set of keys or work ID easily- whether they got dropped between couch cushions or lost in a cavernously large purse or gym bag.

2. Handy
- If you have your keys, ID, bus pass, etc attached to a long lanyard, they are easy to find, even when you are not wearing the lanyard around your neck. Items can be securely placed into a purse, pocked, or backpack with the fabric lanyard extending out of the bag so when you need your keys or ID in a hurry- you simply grab the part of the lanyard hanging free. - In some situations, especially unsafe areas after dark- being able to access your keys or bus pass can be an important part of personal safety.

3. Wearing a Lanyard Works great for Kids - Hanging important items like housekey, bus pass, or name tag from your neck is helpful for adult and indispensable for kids and teens. The soft fabric of our lanyards means they won't itch- and are more likely to be worn all day.

4. Conference Nametag Holder - One convenient thing about using a lanyard as a keychain is that, in a pinch, the lanyard can be removed from your keychain and used to replace scratchy cord lanyards used to hold badges and nametags at conferences and professional meetings. It's not only comfortable and useful, but when I'm wearing a stylishly coordinated lanyard at an event where scratchy cord lanyards were handed out with ID's, it's a talking point for entering a conversation with new people.

5. ID Badges and Security - It feels almost unnecessary to cover this point, as institutions and organizations have been recognizing and adopting in groves the value of badges being worn and displayed on the job. Locating your work photo ID on your chest, hung by a lanyard assures others that you are who you claim, are in an area where you belong, and allow your work to continue without distraction.

6. Stylish Lanyards - With so many patterns printed onto our silky soft lanyard weight trim, you can find a style or pattern to suit your style. Our collections are especially popular with hospital and school staff, where seasonally matched lanyards are a playful way to express spirit in institutional environments. We also have many teenage clients- for whom expressive lanyard(s) can help empower with creative identity and counter the institutional identity-stripping requirement to wear an ID at school.

7. Safety - safety lanyards are a genre of lanyards unto themselves- usually involving a bulky clip at the back of the neck which can be uncomfortable. Our primary supplier stocks up with lanyards that, though not specifically "breakaway safety lanyards", are designed with materials and hardware that break when a dangerous amount of pressure is placed on the strap and hardware. Specified safety hardware is not needed if the materials used are lightweight enough to balance between durability and safety-breakaway requirements.