Metal Side Release Buckle 3/4" inch

SKU: CLR-1012
Just like our standard quick release buckles but for ultra heavy duty applications or just a sleek look. Made of zinc diecast with stainless steel pins and springs. Operates without freezing in sub-zero temperatures. Tensile strength of 500lbs. Fits 3/4" webbing.
Plastic side release buckles are in the industry standard for dog collar construction because they are so easy to use, and so easy to attach in the manufacturing process (no cutting slots in material for rotating buckle tongues), and this new all-metal design is an upgrade from the old plastic side release buckles that were vulnerable to growing brittle with age, UV exposure, and temperature extremes. This buckle is great for light duty projects that need a sleek look or for heavy-duty projects that need a fast, reliable way to buckle and unbuckle.
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Metal Side Release Buckle 3/4" inch
Metal Side Release Buckle 3/4" inch
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