how to make a felt food hot dog bun - with free pattern


In this tutorial, we’ll be making a hotdog bun for a little felt hotdog. Hotdogs and buns are So easy to make, and paired with felt chips or felt french fries, they make a cute Summer BBQ play food set.

Printable Pattern:

Download PDF pattern here.

Recommended Felt colors:

For classic toasted hot dog buns, chose a soft tan felt like “Champagne” or “Beach Sand” Bread colored Felt.
For the inside of the bread, classic “white” felt is perfect.

I start by cutting out my pattern, including the darts in the hotdog bun and the stitching together the darts. These darts creates the natural curve of a risen and baked hot dog bun.

Once the brown part of the bun is contoured, stack the white inner layer on top. I find it helpful, before proceeding, to run a few basting stitches up the center to keep the felt layers aligned through the process.


Now I’m stitching the back nd front together. I’m using an extra thick wool felt for the white part so it’s a little more sturdy and keeps its frame when the tan part is filled with plush polyfill.

I’ve stitched along the sides, leaving a small gap for stuffing, and now I’m just trimming up the edges so it’s even. The darts can make getting perfect evenness tricky so I just clean it up after stitching as needed. I’d originally planned to turn this hot dog bun inside out but I like the way the stitches look showing on the outside.


Now I’m coming in, pre-stuffing just a bit, and then I’m adding just two little lines of stitches to hold the plush where I want it it’s important to make a little sort of place for the hot dog to sit. Otherwise, we’re just making a pillow to sit the hot dog on top of!

Prestuff some fill into the bun the farthest from your stitching gap, before adding the center channel.


I’m coming in with the second line of stitches and you can see I’ve made a hot dog size channel right there. I don’t have that on the pattern because you can eyeball that pretty easy.

A center channel makes it easy to fit a felt hot dog in the bun and fold it over

I’m now stuffing the second half- scissors or a chopstick can be helpful to evenly distribute the stuffing lightly through the length of the hot dog bun toy.

Once I close up my stitch I’m done- that’s really all there is to making a hotdog bun for felt kitchen play.



how to make a felt food hot dog bun - with free pattern

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