Today I want to show you a hack created by Lindsay at using our wool roving for an unexpectedly brilliant wardrobe hack. While our wool roving is popular with fiber artists and crafters, this 1 minute tutorial demonstrates how to use our bite-size bundles of natural, breathable, un-felted wool to custom fit slightly-too-large shoes to your foot.

Shoes with laces can be cinched up tighter when a bit too big, but often with high heels, low heels, and flats it’s hard to really know if a shoe fits until you’re testing it out on the town. This quick trick to custom fit dress shoes and casual flats helps you refit and enjoy all those shoes that turned out to bee just a bit too big and found themselves scattered in the back of a closet.

The only supplies needed: old pantyhose and a small bundle of loose wool fiber

This works with shoes that are obviously a little big and the sneakier ones- like high heels that fit great until you’re on the dance floor with toes smooshing into the toe box and suddenly your heel and your, well, heel depart company unexpectedly. These little felt bumpers are a foot-friendly buffer to keep your foot aligned correctly in your heel so you can move a little more comfortably and with a lot more confidence.

Lindsay narrates: I figured out the problem is that my foot slips into the toe and stretches out the toe box. Shoes that used to fit start to become loose and they become impossible to walk in. What I figured out was that I could use just a little bit of wool roving, which you see is the light yellow here in the picture, and a little bit of old panty hose or single-use socks and totally fix this problem. It makes my shoes fit again and fit more comfortably than ever!

Shoes that I loved in the store but realized the first time I wore them out of the house that they were likely an entire size too big

These shoes in the pictures were shoes I owned for a year and couldn’t wear at all because they were probably about a full size too large. After I did this treatment with wool in in the toe, they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes- I can wear them to Costco, to work, on the bus, whatever.

All it takes is me wadding up a little bit of 100% wool roving (Get it cheap here, or fast here) and I put it inside a little tube of pantyhose that I’ve cut from an old pair. (The pantyhose keeps the fiber contained in a bundle so you won’t end up with loose wool migrating between your toes). Heat and the movement of walking in your shoes will actually felt the wool into a more solid mass, but until then you’ll want to keep it in the pantyhose.

Stuff the rover into the pantyhose
Stuff the roving into the pantyhose
Fold the edges over on the same side
Fold the edges over on the same side

I fold the pantyhose in over itself and I tucked it into the toe of the shoe so that the smooth side faces the toes and the open edges are against the shoe.

One in place, try on your shoe! Too much of a bumper? Remove some wool. Not making a difference, add some more. Go with your gut- but also add just a bit – 10-20% more than you “think” you need- the wool will compress a little as you wear your shoe.


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