rose gold dog collar hardware

Recently, we have located an industrial hardware manufacturer able to create for us a line of rose gold hardware designed specifically for dog collars. These rose gold D rings, metal buckles, leash snaps, and rivets will be added to our site over the next few weeks. We are so excited for the most trendy metal finish in today’s fashion scene to finally be available for hobby dog collar and leathercrafters.

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Rose gold is popular both in jewelry and – thanks to the latest iPhone releases – in personal electronics. Gold is naturally yellow, however, color can be altered during the processing. Every few years trends reflect a change in taste towards particular shades of gold tones. Recently surging in popularity is rose gold, an alloy created by combining gold with copper to attain a reddish pink hue. Our hardware is not produced from precious metal, but is a combination of metal alloys that produce a rose gold finish. This finish is applied as durable plating over a construction of steel or zinc depending on the particular product.

rose gold dog collar hardware

Rose gold is a color that connotes luxury and high fashion, and this simple upgrade to rose gold hardware can turn your basic leather crafting or craft project into a head-turning piece with a luxurious look.

Color has meaning, and this extends to the color of metallic finishes, even if the metal is the casing but just middle detailing. Rose gold, according to a color expert at Pantone Institute, stirs feelings of warmth, nurturing, kindness, and attractiveness. It’s no wonder that we love this warm reddish pink metallic hue.

rose gold dog collar hardware

While the industrial hardware industry has experimented with brightly colored plastic hardware and some not very durable attempts at powder coated hardware in bright primary hues, this rose gold hardware is a first foray into functional hardware with a finish that is intentionally colored, with a soft and trendy huge metallic finish. Although this finish has a definite pink hue, it is not a gendered finish, making this hardware perfect for dog collars and leather craft projects for all genders and creatures.

Tri Glide Slides (aka triglide buckles or just “slides”) are most often used as a way to quickly adjust the length of a strap. Material is stitched to the center bar, threaded through the opening of a quick-release buckle, then threaded in, up, over, and out of the slide before being permanently stitched to the other end of the buckle, allowing for the collar to be securely adjusted by feeding material through the slide.

Slides also get called “buckles” because they so effectively crimp material in place that for non-load bearing applications, these slides can used alone as fasteners. To learn more about how to know when to use a slide and when to use a buckle, read our article on Using Tri-Glide Slides as Buckles.

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rose gold dog collar hardware- slide rose gold leash hardware - snap

rose gold dog collar hardware

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