felt pineapple tutorial

Once you’ve finished the pineapple’s body, it’s ready to finish with a crown of spikey felt pineapple leaves. I love the soft and modern feel of soft heathered-green Pistachio Wool Felt, but we carry almost a dozen shades of green acrylic and wool blend felt to create the perfect pineapple for your color scheme.

OPTIONAL: Download printable PDF pattern for felt pineapple leaves

We’ve uploaded this pattern for the leaves but you can also freehand them. It’s not too tough and, really, variation between leaves is more realistic.

making a fancy felt pineapple using felt

I cut lots of different lengths and some different widths. The only hard and fast rule is that you need some short ones and some long ones, because on natural pineapples the leaves in the center are taller and the ones on the outside are short and stubby.

making a fancy felt pineapple using felt

FLOPPY OR STRAIGHT? I like how my floppy leaves turned out, but if you don’t like how yours naturally fall when it’s done, you can get some fabric stiffener  and then dip the top of your pineapple in it. When it dries your felt leaves should be stiffer and more upright.

Another method to make leaves more upright is to create 2-ply leaves. Taking a bit of time to make your leaves with two layers stitched together will create visual interest and make the leaves easier to stand upright without stiffener.

making a fancy felt pineapple using felt

The next step is to stitch the short leaves around the top just like this. Overlap just 1/4 inch or so with each of the short leaves.

making a fancy felt pineapple using felt

I just kind of stitch them together along the side and then I cinch up the outer ones and bundle together the inner ones, then push the inner ones into the center.

making a fancy felt pineapple using felt

Next, gather it up some more,  and stitch all the leaves together with some good solid stitches all the way through the top of the pineapple.

making a fancy felt pineapple using felt

That’s how we make a felt pineapple I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

felt pineapple tutorial

In this project, I have used wool felt. Wool felt is a little bit stiffer, slightly thicker and it comes in far more colors than the craft felt you can buy at the craft store. It is more expensive, though. Regular felts at a craft store (made from recycled fibers) will run about 25-50 cents a sheet and WoolFelt will run a dollar to two dollars for the same amount of fabric. I do think it’s worth it, with the regular craft felt you’re sewing with recycled plastic, which is great but also not very durable. If you stitch on the edge and pull on the stitch the felt can often just fray and give way. Wool felt is a blend of fibers- merino wool and rayon- it’s not a 100% wool but it has enough wool to feel like more of a textile and it’s far better to work.

WOOL FELT COLORS – Instead of just a primary yellow or fluorescent color (the extend of options at most craft stores) for this project I use a pale goldenrod and pistachio green, shades which work really well for making a plush item like this pineapple a bit more sophisticated.

I worked out my pineapple pattern initially on craft felt and those pineapples, even if they had a good shape and even stitching,  always kind of look like a kid’s project. Choosing nuanced shades with some artistic colors helps elevate even a simple plush like this felt food pineapple.

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  1. Hi! Your job is awesome! I’m from Argentina and I don’t talk english, so I can try to do you can understand me. I can’t find tje first part of the pineapple, just the leaves! Can you help me, please? Thank so much. A hug.

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