Fiber artist's selection of premium wool felt in 80 different, labeled colors

For serious fiber artists or professional crafters, getting the right color of fiber can make a huge difference in the quality of your finished product. This special collection of wool felt sheets is curated with the professional or semi-professional fiber artist in mind. While purchasing single sheets by color is the most popular way to purchase our wool felt, and purchasing a collection of swatches for the purpose of color matching (in order to purchase the right shade of felt every time) is a great option if you know you have projects where color matching is essential, this full collection is designed for craftspeople who need a full spectrum of felt colors on hand. This set includes every single shade, hue, and texture of felt we offer in the 35%-wool blend collection milled by National Nonwovens.

Blending shades and hues in fiber art projects can bring your project to life
Blending shades and hues in fiber art projects can bring your project to life

This collection includes the entire line of national nonwoven’s 35% wool felt line. This felt is comprised of virgin merino wool blended with sturdy rayon fiber, giving it the look and feel of wool with the durability of a synthetic blend felt. This felt is excellent for fiber art when specific shades are needed for your fiber art projects.

Assortment of skin tone felt sheets
Keeping felt on hand- like this assortment of skin tone felt– makes it easy to customize a project to get the colors just right on the fly.

The shades and fiber blend of this felt are designed for professional crafters and artists. Unlike craft-store eco-felt, this wool blend felt can hold more intricate detailing without losing the integrity of the material. Even though it’s artist-quality, we LOVE this felt for beginners and for kid’s crafts- the study wool fibers make this felt particularly easy to cut and very forgiving of stitches that may need to be torn out and restitched a few times in the process of learning.

Full Set of National Nonwoven's Wool Felt

By purchasing this full set, you’ll have a collection of colors, allowing you to work with the full-color palette of available options, including pastels, earth tones, semi neons, primary colors, variegated heathered tones, and so many more.

Over 80 sheets of felt – double-size 12 x 18″ sheets – are included in the set.

This set is excellent to have on hand for anyone who makes lots of felt projects, whether using for appliqué and crafts, making toys or felt food, or for modern wall hangings and other craft projects. A full pallette on hand means that you’ll never find a project delayed due to having to wait on delivery of a particular color of felt, and you’ll never have to settle for an almost–perfect, but not-quite-right color at the 11th hour. By purchasing all of the colors upfront, you can refresh your palette as you use it up, rather than as new colors are needed.


With this 80+ piece full color set, your creative process can continue uninterrupted by delays or less-than-best color matches.





Each sheet in this collection comes labeled with the manufacturer’s color name and number, making it  easy to keep your own inventory and reorder felt as individual colors are used. The set is perfect for helping professional or hobby crafters create the perfect product. By having the entire assortment of colors on hand, when you are creating or prototyping a new product you have a full selection of colors to choose from.


Full Set of National Nonwoven's Wool Felt


One of the toughest parts of maintaining a collection of many colors of fiber on hand, is recalling which color is which- and how to reorder when you’ve used up a particular shade. Our collection makes this easy. Each sheet of felt includes an easy-to-read and easy-to-remove label identifying the color name and number. Reordering felt as you use it makes it easy to reorder colors as needed to maintain a full stock ready for your next fiber arts project.


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