Wool Felt Collection - a set of shades hand picked for making felt play food meats


This special collection of felt is hand-picked for use in one popular felt craft: making felt food for kids play play kitchens and open ended play.

Though many colors for felt food projects are easy to find – a simple yellow for bananas or a plane green for green vegetables- color matching for proteins can be a little trickier. If you are making felt food in the shape meets – such as lunchmeat, hamburger meat, poultry, or sausage – you quickly find that a standard craft store brown felt can make even the perfect felt food pattern turn unappetizing with a off-color.

When it comes to real food, humans seem to know, almost by instinct, to avoid meat that is the wrong color, so getting the right color felt for your felt food meat produces a product that is more appealing to the eye, and accurately colored.


Because many of the most frequently asked questions about our felt color shades are related to which color is the best for making felt food, we’ve recently released a collection of multi-hued handpicks sets of felt. Each set is designed to include a range of hues that are perfect for particular projects. For example, our felt salad set includes five shades that, when cut and mixed together, accurately capture the shades and tones in a real mixed green salad. In the case of this meat colored set, a collection of 5 brown shades with reddish and tan undertones are included. These five colors were selected because these shades perfectly capture the range of tones in cooked beef, lamb, and poultry (for ham and lunch meats, see our cheese tray set).



With a set of browns, you can make felt food that looks every bit as cute as your craft project should., With perfect shades and tones to represent these difficult to match colors. With this collection on him, you’ll have the perfect pallet for your next felt food adventure.

Made with virgin merino wool blend it with rayon fibers.

Each set includes five sheets of 12” x 18” wool blend felt.  – That’s twice as big as a typical sheet of felt sold in craft stores!  This 20% wool-blend felt is the perfect combination of durability and ease of working with. It’s easy to cut, stitch, and play with. Because it’s extra-durable, the felt or products made with it can easily be washed – but due to the wool content avoid driving with heat.


Wool Felt Collection - a set of shades hand picked for making felt play food meats


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