making felt french fries

My felt french fries seem to be one of the projects that produce the most “wow’s” and exclamations about detail and intricacy, but actually, these little crinkle cut fries come together very quickly. A quick running stitch means each fry only takes a few minutes to complete- and seeing the stack of fries grow quickly is very satisfying.

making felt french fries

In this article, I’ll be showing you how I designed this pattern for felt food french fries, and you’ll be able to quickly create your own pattern in just a few minutes! (This one is just too simple for a printable pdf template, so I won’t ask you to waste your printer ink!)

All you need is:

1-2 sheets of 12×18 wool felt in Buttercup Yellow.
Pinking shears
ruler or straight edge
fabric marking pen

Instructions for making your own felt french fries

1. Start by using a ruler and fabric marking pen to draw straight, parallel lines on the felt. Place each line uniformly 3/4-1″ inch apart. (choose a width, then stick to it. 3/4″ will create a little more realistic fries, while 1″ will be a little easier to stitch)

2. Cut the strips apart using pinking shears. Don’t worry about length yet- just make strips. This shortcut creates the “crinkle cut” effect without having to do extra work adding texture to the surface of the felt.

3. Take one strip, and choose a random length. Cut to desired fry length (cut on the diagonal, if desired, for a french fry effect).

making felt french fries

4. Cut a second strip to the same length as strip cut in step 3.

5. Take a long strip (any length, as long as it’s longer than 2xlength and 2x width of your two strips), line up edges so that the zig-zag edges match, and begin stitching down the length of the fry with a running stitch.

making felt french fries

6. Continue stitching the long piece so it wraps around all four edges of the shorter piece, and join the long piece to its tail, trimming if needed to create a box.

making felt french fries
creat a box and stitch the ends of the long strip together

making felt french fries

7.  Before adding the 4th side to close the french fry “box,” stuff your fries. The type of stuffing you choose is the most important step in creating these fries. If you stuff with typical plush stuffing you’ll create bulging french-fry-sausages, to keep the toys square and tidy, stuff with a flat stuffing media- strips of scrap felt, quilt batting, or sheets of dacron poly-fill sheeting which are a little denser than batting and work great for stuffing these fries.

making felt french fries

8. Once stuffed add the 4th side (the second short strip) and stitch the fry closed with a running stitch, taking care to match zigs-to-zigs and zags-to-zags when possible. (A bit of a tug here and there helps keep the zig-zags straight)

making felt french fries

making felt french fries

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