Free pattern and tutorial for sewing felt new potatoes for felt food play

These felt potatoes make the perfect addition to our Felt Steak Dinner, also downloadable as a template from our site. The trio of steak, broccoli, and new potatoes make a fun meal that’s perfect for play kitchens, play dining sets, and even play grill sets.

These can be made with tan craft-felt, but for more authentic colors and durability in play, try our wool blend felt.

Recommended colors:

For red new potatoes, chose a brownish-red felt like Grandmas Garnet.
For brown spring potatoes, try combining colors for depth. Camel, Hay Bale, Champagne*, and Cinnamon all are potato-appropriate color shades from National Nonwovens durable and workable wool blend felt line. (*Champagne is my top pick for this pattern)

NOTE: If you prefer 100% wool, oatmeal brown 100% wool felt is a good choice for this pattern and the eyes on the potato can be added simply by needle felting the eyes into the texture of the felt.

Step 1:  Print Free Pattern & Cut Felt


From your chosen color of felt, cut 2 of each pattern. The pattern is altered slightly for each of the 3 patterns, creating a final result of 3 slightly different potatoes with “natural” variation in size and shape.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Keep the pattern pairs together throughout the construction process, as each will only match correctly with its pair.



Step 2:  Stitch Darts

For each of the 6 pieces you’ve cut out, stitch the darts together with a simple overcast stitch. After sewing the darts, you’ll have 6 half-potatoes.

Step 3:  Join Halves & Stuff

Using an overcast stitch, sew 4/5ths of the way around the potato, then turn right-side out and stuff with poly-fill stuffing or cotton or wool batting. Close the gap with stitches.

Step 4:  Create Potato Eyes

For a natural look, you’ll want to add eyes. This is most simply done by stitching through the middle of the potato with multiple cords of brown embroidery thread and tying off.

For added authenticity, before adding the eye use an alcohol-based marker to add pigment on the felt near where you will place the eyes. This shading adds a depth that creates realism in the final product.

Step 4:  Create Potato Eyes

Play! Felt potatoes are fun and versatile, they can be bakes in play ovens, cooked in play pots, or mashed with toy potato mashers. Potatoes are every bit the staple of imaginative play kitchens as they are in real kitchens!

Now that you’ve completed your potatoes, check out our Felt Steak Dinner!


Free pattern and tutorial for sewing felt new potatoes for felt food play

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