Suntan Pale Tan - Wool Felt Oversized Sheet - 35% Wool Blend - 12x18" sheet

SKU: NN-TOY002-1600
  • Suntan light beige felt is great for sewing, felt boards, fiber art, and crafts.
  • THICKER and more durable than synthetic felts - Felt fabric weight is 6 oz (per square yard) and thickness ranges between .8mm - 1.2mm
  • MADE IN THE USA - Fair Labor Standards Compliant
  • FIBER BLEND FOR DURABILITY: 35% Virgin Merino Wool, 65% Rayon (Produced from wood-pulp cellulose) blend is soft to the touch, durable, and easily worked with.
  • VERSATILE - ideal for sewing, craft, and art projects. Can be stitched, glued, embroidered, needle felted, or cut for use on felt boards. High-quality felted fibers make this material a dream to stitch and an ideal material for learning to sew. Hundreds of colors make this felt ideal for serious fiber artists and hobby crafters alike.
Price: $2.00
Suntan Pale Tan - Wool Felt Oversized Sheet - 35% Wool Blend - 12x18" sheet
Product Details
This Suntan light beige felt is a brand new release, in a color requested by fiber artists and developed by designers.

Consistent Color Matching
We love this American made felt for its durability and consistent color matching- unlike many brands that vary significantly in color from dye lot to dye lot, this felt is unsurpassed in consistent color matching from one batch of felt to another.

Easy to Work With
Wool felt is much easier to work with than acrylic felt (made from petroleum) or eco-felt (made from plastic) because the natural wool fiber bonds more strongly- preventing seams from ripping unfinished projects, and allowing novice fiber artists and sewers a quality fabric to practice on that won't fall apart when errant stitches are pulled for re-sewing. The virgin merino wool- compared to other types of wool or second-use wool- has unbroken, extra long fibers that interlick solidly for an ultra soft, strong felt.

Biodegradable and More Sustainable
Unlike acrylic felt (made from petroleum) or eco-felt (made from plastic), This 35% virgin merino wool / 65% rayon (a byproduct of wood-cellulose) material will eventually biodegrade with less environmental impact.

This felt can be gently washed by hand, dry cleaned, or (if and only if a different tighter-fibered texture is desired) machine washed. Please note that machine washing will alter the dimensions and texture of this felt fabric. When washing always use a detergent made for wool, in order to prevent the natural fibers from drying and becoming brittle.