Sailboats & Anchors - Handy FOB Style Webbing Keychain Keyring

This handy key fob is perfect for keeping track of keys and other small items. With four methods of securing it and a vibrant visual design, this keychain stays put and is easy to identify.

CLIP - A high quality thumb-trigger scissor snap is easy to open and allows for quick attachment to purse strap, backpack, stroller, d-ring, etc.
SNAP - For times when you just need the split ring loose, a heavy duty snap unsnaps to free your keyring from the rest of the fob.
SLOT - Doubled and stitched webbing leaves a channel open in the center- allowing the user to slide the entire fob onto any strap or belt 1.5" wide or smaller.
RING - Includes a heavy duty, traditional split-ring keyring.
+ PLUS Clipping the scissor snap to the split ring creates an additional method to secure the fob to itself around a strap or pole.

  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra-soft polyester webbing has no rough edges and is machine washable.
  • Secure your items using the scissor snap, split ring, button-snap, and/or the sewn in center slot.
  • Unique printing process will never bleed, scratch, chip, or fade- guaranteed!
  • 7.25" tip to tip, with the webbing portion measuring 5.5" x 1"

The print is permanently embedded into the super-soft smooth-edged webbing on both sides through a printing process called dye sublimation. This printing method creates a fob with a vibrant design that will never crack, fade, or peel. 7.25" long tip to tip, with the webbing portion measuring 5.5" x 1" MADE IN THE USA.
Price: $9.99
Sailboats & Anchors - Handy FOB Style Webbing Keychain Keyring
Product Details

Our printed key fobs are great for aiding in quick visual and tactile identification of items. They're perfect for identifying the difference between family members' keys at a glance, ID'ing luggage during travel, securing USB drives, holding badges or ID cards at work (see our listings for soft neck lanyards in matching patterns!) or even identifying easily lost items- like scissors or restroom keys- distinctly.

FOB's make great teacher gifts, small teen gifts, or themed party favors.