Rose Gold - Metal Side Release Buckle 1" inch

SKU: T5N-08-25RG
Plastic side release buckles are favored for ease and convenience, but they can break under strain and become brittle- especially in cold climates. This all metal side release Buckle was developed as a more durable alternative. Both stronger and heavier than plastic buckles, this buckle is perfect for heavy-duty applications and a sleek luxurious look.

Now available with a stylish Rose Gold finish, this pink-gold heavy duty plating adds a trendy pink hue to the metal finish, making it a perfect addition to your luxury dog collar creations.

This buckle is made out of cast zinc and includes an interior of rustproof stainless steel pins and springs. Tensile strength of 500lbs.

Priced per piece.
Price: $4.39
Rose Gold - Metal Side Release Buckle 1" inch
Rose Gold - Metal Side Release Buckle 1" inch
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Product Details

Just like our standard quick release buckles but for ultra heavy duty applications or just a sleek look. Made of zinc diecast with stainless steel pins and springs and a trendy rose gold plating. Operates without freezing in sub-zero temperatures. Tensile strength of 500lbs.

Most popular for making dog collars, this buckle also works great for any application where you need to be able to quickly buckle to sections of strapping together – it has many industrial, nautical, and recreational/sporting applications.