Rose Gold - 3/4in Leash Snaps

This pinkish gold finish popularized as "rose gold" is the latest trend in metal finishes and is sure to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Our new Rose Gold Leash Snap is die cast in zinc and plated with this head-turning rose-gold finish. This 3/4" wide snaphook is a medium weight construction suitable for most dog breeds (size and weight appropriate for most dogs weighing between, roughly, 12 lbs and 60lbs)

This snaphook is designed to accommodate slightly-larger-than 3/4" webbing, making it an excellent all-purpose snap to have on hand, as our trials with snaps with these dimensions show it's easy to make these work with most 1" webbings as well.

Measurements for this leash snap:
Length from base to tip: 3 inches
Base Opening: 76mm (just over 3/4")
Price: $2.99
Rose Gold - 3/4in Leash Snaps
Rose Gold - 3/4in Leash Snaps
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Product Details

Rose Gold 1" Leash Snap features:
1 inch opening

Sold per piece.

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