Princess Unicorn Purple Lanyard - Ultra Soft Neck Lanyard

This purple, pink, turquoise and white lanyard features a celestial scene of clouds, stars, and moons with a unicorn crowned princess taking center stage. We love this lanyard for girls and for anyone obsessed with unicorns, purple, and the 90's throwback colors featured on this lanyard. .
  • Ultra soft poly-webbing with a smooth round-braided edge for all day comfort.
  • Made in North Carolina, USA under fair trade working conditions.
  • Breathable and ultra-lightweight fabric is perfect for sensitive skin or heavy duty use.
  • Special printing process creates a designs that never bleed, scratch, chip, or fade.
  • Lanyard is 20 inches long with a neck opening that measures 30-32 inches
Price: $4.55
Princess Unicorn Purple Lanyard - Ultra Soft Neck Lanyard
Princess Unicorn Purple Lanyard - Ultra Soft Neck Lanyard
Product Details

Princess Unicorn Lanyards Bring Smiles:

Unicorns bring a smile to almost anyone, and this fun and funky unicorn and rainbow lanyard is the perfect way to bring a little smile to yourself and others. On this lanyard stocky white unicorns with rainbow-colored manes and tails trot down the length of a blue lanyard, with clouds and rainbows alternating between each unicorn. Each rainbow and unicorn flips in orientation, so your lanyard is never upside down no matter how you use it. 

We love these rainbow unicorn lanyards for schools, children's hospitals, summer camps, and even professional offices that can use a little more fun! We love this rainbow unicorn lanyard to display your work ID, school ID badge, building credentials, or to make your day a little easier as a hard-to-lose lose keychain- and it's not just for holding ID or keys! This lanyard has a dozen or so more uses that you can read about in our blog.

This lanyard is priced per piece, but we love outfitting whole teams, classrooms, and offices. Contact us to learn more about purchasing in bulk for your group or about discounted pricing for fundraising for your organization.

More Information on Unicorn Lanyards

RECOMMENDED USE: This lanyard is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to display ID or name badges at school or work, or frequently visits places where visitors badges are required. Our lanyards are also very popular as keychains, especially for kids and athletes, as the 20 inch strap means they are easy to keep track of.

Because our lanyards are much softer and more breathable than any other lanyards currently on the market, they are an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin or who have experienced chafing or skin irritation from other lanyards. For the same reason, they are an excellent choice for people who need to keep heavier than average items on their lanyard. Unlike lanyards made with nylon or polypropylene webbing, our woven polyester lanyards have silky-smooth edges that won't irritate your neck.

GUARANTEE - Fully guaranteed against any manufacturing defects. If your lanyard fails under normal use due to a flaw in manufacturing, please contact us for a replacement or credit towards the purchase of another lanyard. (Note: lanyards will break if subjected to extreme pressure- this is a safety feature which reduces the chance of injury to wearer, and is not covered by warranty)

RECOMMENDED CARE: Keep colors bright and fabric breathable with occasional washing. Lanyards may be machine washed and hung to dry.

Note: Use at your own risk. Seller assumes no liability.


This lanyard is not a breakaway lanyard, while the design is structured such that it will breakaway if caught around the neck of an adult this lanyard may not be children and should be used at your own risk. A breakaway mechanism can be added by the purchaser if the breakaway feature is desired, needed, or required. A simple way to add breakaway safety is to notch the strap 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through the length, so that less pressure would be needed to break the lanyard. If you choose to notch your lanyard for safety, be sure to melt any exposed fibers to fraying.