Lavender Purple - Wool Felt Oversized Sheet - 20% Wool Blend

SKU: NN-WCF001-1582
  • BIG SHEETS – this felt is sold per piece, each piece is 12" x 18" – that's twice as large as standard size felt sheets found in craft stores.
  • AMERICAN MADE – this felt is produced in the USA and is Fair Labor Standards Compliant.
  • THICK AND DURABLE – this felt's fabric weight is 5.6 ounces per square yard. The thickness of each sheet ranges between 1.15mm and 1.9mm (That's .045-.075 inches).
  • SOFTNESS AND STRENGTH – this 20% wool 80% rayon blend is specially formulated to have the richness, durability, and look of wool with the softness and strength of rayon. The wool is 100% virgin merino wool. Rayon is a fiber created from the cellulose of tree pulp.
  • VERSATILE – this felt is perfect for a number of fiber art projects – from fine art to classroom crafts. This felt can be stitched, needle felted, and is especially prized for holding its shape over time.
Price: $1.71
Lavender Purple - Wool Felt Oversized Sheet - 20% Wool Blend
Product Details
All our felt is made in the USA! Our wool blend felt is thicker and more durable than synthetic felts found in craft and hobby shops. Typical craft felt won't hold up when used for constructing plush toys like felt food or when used for applique decoration on sewing products. This thick wool blend it easy to work with but tough enough to be a durable addition to heirloom quilts, toys, or craft projects.

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