Giant Ribbon Award Rosette - 18 inch - Double Rosette with Triple Streamers - Turquoise

This stunningly gigantic 18-inch Turquoise double-rosette ribbon is an eye catching ribbon perfect for awards, celebrations, and event decorations. This unprinted ribbon is easy to personalize.

Turquoise award rosettes are a fun play on traditional royal blue first place ribbons- try this deep turquoise as an eye-catching alternative.
Price: $8.50
Giant Ribbon Award Rosette - 18 inch - Double Rosette with Triple Streamers - Turquoise
Giant Ribbon Award Rosette - 18 inch - Double Rosette with Triple Streamers - Turquoise
Product Details

About Our Ribbons

Our ribbons are made by a small family business in the USA and are the exact same quality supplied to horse shows across the country. These rosette award ribbons are thicker, more durable, and heavier-constructed than imported party-favor-quality equivalents, and because of this they are ideal as treasured keepsakes or sturdy reusable props. A flexible metal clip on the back of the ribbon makes it easy to attach these ribbons to clothing, picture frames, chair backs, horse bridles, etc.

Ideal For:

? Party favors, awards, science fairs, dog shows, or 4-H events (no minimum purchase makes ordering easy!)
? Classroom incentives, event awards, etc.
? Purple ribbons traditionally designate champions or cumulative high-point scorers at the end of a competition.
? Use paint pens, computer-cut stick-on letters, or foil transfers to create playful custom awards as gifts or fun year end team prizes.
? Halloween costumes, theater props, or as marketing materials for your award winning product.
? Equestrian themed parties, chair back decorations for barn weddings, Kentucky derby party table decorations

Tips for Use

Due to packaging that helps keep prices low, ribbons may arrive with curled streamers. For perfectly flat ribbons, either 1. Place on flat surface, apply a fine mist of water, smooth ribbons, and allow to dry fully. or 2. Iron streamers on cool/medium-cool setting.

Easily Customizable
Our ribbons ship blank and can easily be with precut lettering or by using a
 Silhouette or Cricut vinyl cutting machine to cut d letters or images. Step by step instructions for personalizing your award ribbons can be found on our blog.

In the USA, ribbon colors are traditionally associated with the following placement in competition. Generally, competitions award the top three competitors, with some animal shows or athletic competitions awarding ribbons through 6th, 9th, or even 10th place at large competitions. 

1. Blue
2. Red
3. Yellow
4. White
5. Pink
6. Green
7. Purple
8. Brown

It can be fun to break from tradition- especially for personal celebrations and awards unique to your classroom, family reunion, or work event. We recommend either using variations on the traditional theme (like our pre-picked pastel and bright variations on the traditional blue/red/yellow) or by picking colors NOT on this list to avoid confusion over winners. Don't see the color you need? Contact Us to arrange for ribbons in one of 30 colors options!