America Team Spirit - Red, White, and Blue Stripe Neck Lanyard for Badge, ID, or Political Keychain

This lanyard is perfect for representing your team or your country! The combination of red, white, and blue stripes create a bright lanyard with just the right combination of style, sophistication, patriotism. We love this lanyard for displaying credentials during political events, on the campaign trail, or at the voting polls. Features:
  1. Breathable polyester fabric with a metal crimp and trigger hook
  2. holds keys, badges, school/hospital IDs, or other credentials around your neck.
  3. Super soft material comfortable for sensitive skill all day
  4. Design will never crack, fade, or peel.
  5. Designed to breakaway in an emergency
  6. Quantity discounts available
  7. Warrantied against manufacturer defects.
Price: $4.55
America Team Spirit - Red, White, and Blue Stripe Neck Lanyard for Badge, ID, or Political Keychain
America Team Spirit - Red, White, and Blue Stripe Neck Lanyard for Badge, ID, or Political Keychain
Product Details

RECOMMENDED USE: This lanyard is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to display ID or name badges at school or work, or frequently visits places where visitors badges are required. Our lanyards are also very popular as keychains, especially for kids and athletes, as the 20 inch strap means they are easy to keep track of.

This lanyard is particularly well-suited for wearing at political events where you may not want to display your party affiliation. Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, some situations require discretion – and there's no denying that a subtle pattern featuring deep royal blue, has a more sophisticated and less distracting look than lanyard with a party affiliation designation printed on it. This basic lanyard goes great with any outfit – professional or campaign trail casual. Pairs well with suits or T-shirts!

Contact us for quantity discounts for outfitting your entire campaign team.

Because our lanyards are much softer and more breathable than any other lanyards currently on the market, they are an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin or who have experienced chafing or skin irritation from other lanyards. For the same reason, they are an excellent choice for people who need to keep heavier than average items on their lanyard. Unlike lanyards made with nylon or polypropylene webbing, our woven polyester lanyards have silky-smooth edges that won't irritate your neck.

GUARANTEE - Fully guaranteed against any manufacturing defects. If your lanyard fails under normal use due to a flaw in manufacturing, please contact us for a replacement or credit towards the purchase of another lanyard. (Note: lanyards will break if subjected to extreme pressure- this is a safety feature which reduces the chance of injury to wearer, and is not covered by warranty)

RECOMMENDED CARE: Keep colors bright and fabric breathable with occasional washing. Lanyards may be machine washed and hung to dry.

Note: Use at your own risk. Seller assumes no liability.